Introducing the AskCR Beta

Today we are launching AskCR, an experimental chatbot that helps people get to CR’s trusted information faster. 


True to its name, you can ask AskCR any question you have about a product category or a specific model. AskCR will get back to you with a plain language answer and links to relevant CR articles. AskCR’s knowledge is limited to the categories and products that CR experts have examined right now, however we plan on covering a wider range of consumer topics and issues in the future.

We consider AskCR a first step towards exploring how AI can enhance the way consumers engage with and benefit from CR’s expertise. We can’t wait to hear what you think! And we’ll be listening closely to your feedback, tracking every 👍 and 👎and using your input to iterate and improve. 

To check it out, visit and log in to your member account. Since AskCR is still an experiment, only a handful of members currently have access; if that’s not you, add your name to our Interest List and we’ll notify you when we open up the beta.

We’ve written about why CR is experimenting with generative AI, as well as how we’re developing and what we’re learning along the way. If you’d like to chat more about responsible AI development or pro-consumer applications of AI, drop us a line at

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