CR Webinar Recap: Give Data Brokers the Slip!

On January 23, Consumer Reports (CR), in collaboration with the National Cyber Alliance, hosted a webinar titled “Give Data Brokers the Slip!”. This discussion, led by Alan Smith, Manager, Community Leadership at CR, and Don Marti, CR Consultant & Vice President, Ecosystem Innovation at Raptive, delved into the world of data brokers and provided consumers with valuable insights on regaining control over their personal data.

The conversation centered around the data economy, where data brokers thrive by collecting, aggregating, and monetizing personal data – including yours. The webinar aimed to empower consumers with knowledge about the surveillance economy and equip them with strategies to protect their privacy.

Key Highlights:

  • Insights into the Data Economy: The webinar shed light on the elements of the data economy, unraveling the mechanisms through which data brokers operate and profit from individuals’ personal information.
  • CR Report “Who Shares Your Information with Facebook : A focal point of the discussion was CRs’ latest report on the surveillance economy, shedding light on the state of the surveillance economy and elucidating the practices of companies sharing consumers’ personal information with Facebook.
  • Deep Dive into the Permission Slip App: An exciting aspect of the webinar was the discussion around our Permission Slip app. This tool, designed to empower consumers to take back control of their data privacy, serves as a practical solution to reduce the amount of information collected by data brokers about individuals and their families.

CR, alongside the National Cyber Alliance, continues to champion for more consumer privacy, providing resources and tools to empower individuals in their quest to reclaim control over their data. By offering resources and tools, from CR’s Data Bootcamp to Data Action Day, we aim to arm individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their online privacy. 

Check out a recording of our webinar and join the conversation around a more privacy-conscious digital world.

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