CR is Finalist for An Anthem Award: We Need Your Vote!

We are proud to announce that Consumer Reports is a Finalist for the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards, an award celebrating purpose & mission-driven work! 

BAD INPUT by Consumer Reports includes three short films that look at how biases in algorithms and data sets result in unfair practices toward communities of color, often without their knowledge. This year, the work has been selected as a Finalist in the Responsible Technology category, and we need your help in amplifying our work.  

Your participation is key! Help us win The Anthem Awards Community Voice Award by celebrating BAD INPUT: Driving Greater Awareness Around AI and Big Data Harms. And spread the word! Together, we can make sure this important topic gets the spotlight it deserves. 

More on BAD INPUT: 

Computer algorithms are embedded into almost every part of our lives – whether it’s applying for a loan, getting auto insurance, or accessing medical services. These algorithms are fueled by hundreds of thousands of data points, but many of these data sets are flawed, outdated, and not representative of the population – which can harm communities of color and others. When companies don’t account for a diversity of experiences, or simply replicate racist and biased systems, they build flawed products that hurt people. And since these prejudiced algorithms are often hidden, it’s a difficult problem to fix. That’s why, in partnership with the Kapor Foundation and the filmmaker Alice Gu, Consumer Reports produced the BAD INPUT video series.

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