Daniel J. Dubois is an associate research scientist at Northeastern University’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences, working on understanding the privacy implications of the Internet of Things, and founding member of the Mon(IoT)r IoT lab. Daniel’s research is rooted in software engineering, specifically on decentralized and self-adaptive software architectures. As his work has matured, he has become more interested in distributed systems, in particular from a privacy perspective, which he focuses on now. Daniel earned his PhD in information engineering from Politecnico di Milano, where he interned at IBM Haifa Research Lab. He then participated as a postdoctoral researcher at the MIT Media Lab funded by Toshiba and Progetto Rocca, as well as Imperial College London funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie program. Daniel’s research resulted in the publication of over 30 research papers and has been covered by the popular press, including the New York Times, Financial Times, USA Today, BBC World News, and The Independent.

Fellowship Project: The Mon(IoT)r Lab Testbed

In 2020, CR awarded Daniel Dubois an Innovation Lab Fellowship to build upon and adapt the Mon(IoT)r tested tools for measuring privacy (in terms of network traffic, destinations, encryption and inferable user behavior) on IoT devices to one or more specific categories of devices, starting with smart speakers.

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