Permission Slip Nominated for Two Webbys

Permission Slip has been nominated for two Webby Awards and we need your help voting!

The Webby Awards

In November, we announced the soft launch of Permission Slip on iOS. This is the app to help you take back control of your data. We’re already supporting over 10K users and have sent nearly 150K data requests to companies on their behalf.

This week, we received word that Permission Slip was recognized by The Webby Awards, an international award contest that honors excellence on the Internet. Our two nominations celebrate Permission Slip as a top 5 best app in the world in two categories: Technical Achievement and Public Service & Activism.

As a two time nominee, we’ll go on to compete for The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award in both categories. The Webby Award is decided by a panel of judges, but the Webby People’s Voice Award is decided by you. We’re facing stiff competition in both categories and would appreciate your vote!

Vote Permission Slip 

To vote, simply visit the competition pages for Technical Achievement and Public Service & Activism, sign up for a Webby account and press the VOTE button next to Permission Slip for each competition.

We’re grateful to be recognized for making it easy to help you control the data companies have about you, and hope that the Webbys can help us further strengthen the right to privacy for consumers.

Acknowledgements are owed to Input Logic, our design and development partner without whom Permission Slip would not exist.

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