Introducing OSIRAA, a Test Suite for the Data Rights Protocol

Today the Innovation Lab is thrilled to launch a new testing app for the Data Rights Protocol: OSIRAA v0.5. The app is available on GitHub and ready for collaborators to use.

OSIRAA stands for Open Source Implementers’ Reference of an Authorized Agent. Members of the DRP consortium can use this app to test their implementation of the Data Rights Protocol, an open standard for exchanging data rights requests backed by Consumer Reports and a consortium of industry partners.

As companies have started implementing the Data Rights Protocol, the Consumer Reports team identified a need for tooling to test new implementations and ensure conformance with the DRP spec. With OSIRAA, companies participating in development of the DRP can test against the protocol on their own and refine their implementations as needed.

The OSIRAA app works by taking on the role of a consumer agent. The app models sending API requests to a Privacy Infrastructure Provider (PIP) company, and evaluates the responses for correctness. As such, it can be used by both authorized agent and privacy infrastructure provider companies looking to implement the protocol.

OSIRAA is the latest milestone on the Data Rights Protocol testing roadmap. Because it proves out a working implementation of the protocol’s API calls and provides a reference to DRP co-developers, it’s an important foundation for future work.

In addition to the OSIRAA GitHub repo, a public-facing OSIRAA instance is available to partners to serve as a registry and record of end-to-end compliance among consortium partners.

We invite and encourage any company that is interested in joining the group of DRP co-developers to reach out to us at We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you onboard.

Acknowledgements go to Ryan Rix for his instrumental work to bring OSIRAA to life. Dazza Greenwood and Ginny Fahs also provided vital feedback on this project.

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