New Report: 2023 Consumer Cyber Readiness

The Report

Consumer Reports, Aspen Digital, and Global Cyber Alliance release the second annual Consumer Cyber Readiness report. It reveals continued progress in consumer cybersecurity practices through the adoption of data and privacy practices, awareness of security tools, and improved posture online. However, more consumer education and understanding of best practices is needed to ensure people are taking the proper steps for their digital safety.

The report highlights findings from a nationally representative survey of 2,000 US adults conducted by CR in May 2023. It also provides key leadership perspectives from government, industry, and civil society.

The Road Ahead

The public, private, and nonprofit sectors must continue working together to create a safer digital ecosystem for consumers. Consumer Cyber Readiness (2023) comments on emerging tools and services, such as passkeys and the Cyber Trust Mark, as ways to shift the responsibility away from consumers and enable them to make more informed decisions when selecting devices or platforms.

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