Lab notes: May 2022

Consumer Reports teams up with Craig Newmark Philanthropies to launch new cybersecurity initiative

Revisiting the privacy of period tracker apps

    • With growing questions about reproductive health privacy, CR’s Digital Lab evaluated period tracker apps that claim to put people’s privacy first. We looked at apps like Drip, Euki, and Periodical which store data locally and don’t allow third-party tracking. This investigation expands on an earlier investigation in 2020, which discovered that several period-tracker apps provided no guarantee that the collected information would not be shared with third parties. These lax privacy protections have long been a concern, and now, after the leaked draft of a Supreme Court majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, there are questions about how this data could be used in court.

Connecticut governor signs privacy bill into law

    • Earlier this month, Governor Ned Lamont signed Connecticut’s privacy bill into law, making it the fifth state in the nation to approve a comprehensive privacy law. CR praised policymakers in Connecticut for taking action and passing a bill that provides strong consumer privacy protections. You can read more about our work and perspective on the bill here.

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