Introducing Permission Slip 2.0

Permission Slip is growing rapidly, and the platform needs to evolve to keep up with demand. Permission Slip users have been asking for more companies in the app and easier ways to discover supported companies; users have also been telling us about times when companies behave unexpectedly and seeking ways to report it. Today, we’re delighted to announce our 2.0 release, which we designed in response to this stellar user feedback. In this release you will find:

  • New Home Screen – The new home screen showcases Permission Slip’s most powerful features: opt out requests, delete requests, auto requests, and now the Report a Company feature. 
  • Playlists for your data – Also presented on the homescreen, data playlists are lists curated to spotlight certain companies according to the data they have, or the way we’ve seen them respond to Permission Slip users’ privacy requests. We know that our users come to Permission Slip with specific privacy goals in mind. Playlists help users consider how to think about managing your data. For example, today we have a health data playlist, which is a list of companies that collect your sensitive health data that you can quickly send data requests to.
  • Global company search – We kept hearing from users that companies were hard to find in the app. To address this, we’ve created a global search so you can look up any company that’s on your mind and learn about the data they collect. We also streamlined ‘Suggest a Company’ so that your company suggestions originate in search. If you suggest a company, we’ll reach out and let you know when that company is added to Permission Slip.
  • Report a Company – This new feature lets users tell us company behaviors that are concerning to you, so that our team can better represent you and your requests. 
  • Hundreds of new companies – Today we have 300+ companies across many categories in Permission Slip. We plan to add more and more companies with time.

While Permission Slip 2.0 comes with a brand new look and a range of exciting new features, at its core it retains the same spirit: to empower our users and let you exercise your data privacy rights easily. While there’s certainly more work to do, we believe this release is a major step forward.

Permission Slip 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS as of January 2024, you can download the app and experience it for yourself here.

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