Lab notes: May 2021

CR’s Digital Fellows deliver lightning talks on consumer tech harms

  • Earlier this month we hosted an event to showcase the innovative work of our Digital Lab Fellows who have received generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies over the past 10 months. The Fellows presented updates on their projects that aim to help uncover and address emerging consumer tech harms. You can watch the full presentations here

Dark Patterns Tip Line

  • We recently announced the launch of the Dark Patterns Tip Line. CR teamed up with EFF, PEN America, and Access Now to create this new initiative that allows consumers to report “dark patterns” — a design trick on a website or an app intended to convince people to do something they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. The Dark Patterns Tip Line allows users to report suspicious apps or websites, and report if they’ve felt tricked into giving up private information, money, or time. Read more about the project in The Verge, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and Media Post

Apple and Google control what you do on your smartphones

  • CR’s senior researcher for technology competition, Sumit Sharma, authored an op-ed in USA Today highlighting the anti-competitive concerns surrounding Apple and Google’s app stores, and the need for pro-consumer rules that help promote competition and fairness. 

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