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Permission Slip

Enabling consumers to meaningfully exercise their data rights.


On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, giving California consumers important new privacy rights, including the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their information. The CCPA is the first comprehensive commercial privacy law in the United States. But CR’s research has revealed just how tough it can be for California consumers to use the data rights stipulated in the CCPA. The CCPA has an “authorized agent” provision that allows a consumer to delegate a third party to exercise data rights on their behalf. This got us thinking, how do we help consumers meaningfully exercise their data rights?

Our Approach

In 2022, CR launched Permission Slip, a mobile app that makes it easy to take control of your personal data. The app shows you what kinds of data companies collect, and lets you decide what to do. With a simple tap, you can tell a company to stop selling your data or to delete your data entirely. We all know how confusing and time-consuming it can be to communicate how you want companies to handle your personal data. Permission Slip makes it simple. The app is available on iOS and currently free to use.

At a glance information

It’s no secret that a huge number of companies are collecting, buying and selling data about us. With Permission Slip, you can find out what information they collect, and take action to help protect yourself. With Permission Slip, consumers can:

  • better understand which companies have their data
  • set permissions for what companies can do with their data
  • exercise their digital rights more easily
  • use their data to hold companies accountable

Milestones Ahead

  • Launch on Android
  • 500K requests processed
  • 300 companies supported
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