Raw Data Release: 2019 Smart TV Testing

A Consumer Reports engineer evaluates smart TV privacy practices. PHOTO: MICHAEL A. SMITH


Consumer Reports just released our 2019 Smart TV ratings, which include for the first time Digital Standard sub-scores on data privacy + security.

Today, we’re also publishing raw data from our Digital Standard testing.

By taking an open data approach, we hope to increase transparency around our findings and to help manufacturers, technologists, and computer security researchers peer into our smart TV testing process. We welcome feedback on how to strengthen our testing frameworks, ideas for follow on research, or ways to expand the Digital Standard.

What data is being released exactly? We are publishing 3 raw documents that our testing team uses to establish privacy and security related scores for smart TVs. We have modified the documents slightly to remove sensitive data.

  1. Workbook — This is the working document our testing team uses to analyze and score each smart TV. We provide a pivot table to show how we map these test questions back to criteria and indicators from the Digital Standard.
    > Download the workbook here (Excel Document)
  2. Test Protocol — CR’s External Audience Protocol (EAP) summarizes for manufacturers the Digital Standard indicators we include in our smart TVs data privacy and security evaluation.
    > Download the test protocol here (PDF)
  3. Smart TV Digital Standard Test Summary — This document is what our testing team uses in order to keep the record of our testing process and findings. Usually, it includes methodology, finding highlights, and overall suggestions, which make up a high-level summary of the findings.
    > Download the test summary here (PDF)



We’d like to hear from you. We will be working to release more structured testing data and findings in the future. In the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions or feedback: digitallab@cr.consumer.org.

The Digital Lab team

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