Lab Notes: July 2022

Scrutiny on VPNs: deceptive data practices and marketing claims 

U.S. Rep. Anna G. Eshoo and Senator Ron Wyden sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging regulators to address deceptive data practices by virtual private network (VPN) providers. The lawmakers cited research CR released last December which found that 75 percent of leading VPN providers misrepresented their products and technology, or made hyperbolic claims about the protection they provide users. Read more about what Congress plans to do and our research into VPNs at The Washington Post and The Verge.

CR presses lawmakers to refine, improve privacy bill advancing in Congress

The bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act was recently voted out of committee with overwhelming support, after lawmakers worked with groups like CR to strengthen the bill. The comprehensive data privacy bill would safeguard the personal information of all Americans and give them more control over their data. Justin Brookman, CR’s director of technology policy, noted, “We’d like to see more refinements, but there’s no doubt that this bill offers real privacy protections that don’t exist today. We look forward to continue working with policymakers on the legislation to ensure the digital rights of Americans are truly protected.”

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