Lab Notes: January 2022

CR praises bipartisan vote to advance the American Innovation and Choice Online Act

    • The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance a bipartisan bill backed by CR that would begin to address the market power of tech giants. The bill will prohibit large platforms from discriminatory conduct that would harm competitors, creating more choice for consumers. Read more about our perspective on the bill in The New York Times, Marketwatch, Reuters, and Roll Call. You can also watch Justin Brookman, CR’s director of technology policy, speak on tech regulation at an event hosted by Protocol.

Join CR for Data Privacy Week events

    • Today at 2:30 pm ET, CR’s Yael Grauer will present at The Rise of Privacy Tech conference and share findings from a recent evaluation of password managers.
    • CR’s Amira Dhalla spoke on a panel hosted by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and LinkedIn on how companies can provide consumers with personalized experiences while also respecting their privacy.

CR and EPIC call on the FTC to pursue a privacy rulemaking

    • CR and EPIC released a white paper detailing how the FTC might conduct rulemaking on privacy under its unfair practices authority. CR’s Justin Brookman, an author of the paper said, “We have been waiting decades for Congress to provide baseline privacy protections over our data. Given the continued erosion of consumer privacy, the FTC should press forward in crafting rules that prohibit by default unnecessary data collection, use, and disclosure.”

CR will evaluate digital financial services

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