Digital Standard: Key Questions

Hi — I’m Stephanie Nguyen, a product designer and researcher focused on the intersections of data privacy, policy and design. I care about how technology impacts people and how to build and design technology to better serve people’s needs. I often do this work with populations that are frequently left out of the design process: low-resourced, marginalized, and vulnerable communities.

I recently joined Consumer Reports to focus on how we can analyze, measure, and raise the bar on data-collecting products and services to better respect people’s rights through the Digital Standard. Everyday, my team and I explore questions around:

  • Values: What are people’s needs and what are the human values we should keep in mind when building connected technologies? (E.g. privacy, control, fairness)
  • Indicators: What are the design, technical, and policy indicators that help us measure these values? (E.g. users can delete their information, privacy policy discloses how user information is collected)
  • Testing: How might we structure tests and procedures to understand if products or services are meeting these needs and values?
  • Real world impact: How might the Digital Standard create value and positive impact in terms of policy, consumer product quality or reduce potential harm for individuals and communities?

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We have some exciting plans for this initiative in the near future. Stay tuned.

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