Consumer Reports Speaks at 6th Annual Aspen Cyber Summit

Earlier this month, CR’s head of product testing, Maria Rerecich, spoke at the 6th Annual Aspen Cyber Summit. The 2-day event brought together leaders from business, government, academia, and public interest to discuss best practices for defending against systemic cybersecurity threats.

In an interview with Aspen’s David Forscey, Maria spoke about how consumer IoT – the Internet of Things – poses a weak link in cybersecurity and why protecting against systemic threats begins at home. Maria detailed how connected home devices like security cameras, smart speakers, WiFi routers, and even a robotic vacuum can become a target for hackers.

To incentivize companies and consumers to take cyber risks seriously, Maria suggested they look at CR’s Digital Standard as a framework that works with industry to evaluate how technologies respect consumers’ interests and needs. She also recommended that consumers check out Security Planner to take a survey to find out how they can improve their cyber hygiene.

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