Collaboration for Data Privacy: Reflections from the DRP’s Authorized Agent Summit

Authorized Agents play an important role in data rights. By helping consumers exercise their rights to stop selling data, access data, delete data and more, they bridge the gap between individuals and the complex industry side of data privacy. 

As part of Consumer Reports’ ongoing effort to develop common approaches to managing consumer data rights requests, we convened a virtual “summit” of Authorized Agents who are implementing the Data Rights Protocol last month. At the summit, we discussed the deployment approach for the Data Rights Protocol in detail, and reviewed the protocol conformance test suite. Our collective goal was to ensure each agent’s views were reflected in our test plans and to foster collaboration among implementing agents.

The Summit also proved an excellent occasion to welcome Yorba, the newest member of the Data Rights Protocol implementers group. Yorba follows Mine, Incogni by Surfshark, and CR’s Permission Slip in committing to implement the protocol as an authorized agent.

The Data Rights Protocol provides a common way both for Authorized Agents and businesses to handle data rights requests by consumers, and is designed to make this process faster, less expensive, and better for all parties involved. A well functioning data rights ecology also depends on active engagement by businesses who not only seek to comply with legal requirements but also prioritize the privacy and convenience of consumers who exercise their data rights under the law.   

By working together, in collaboration we hope to ensure that the rights of consumers over their personal data are not just theoretical but practically accessible.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this path.

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