Calling All Public Interest Tech Innovators and Designers!

At the grocery store, we can read and compare nutritional information, thanks to the standardized Nutrition Facts label. At big box retailers, we can review Energy Guide estimates of the annual energy consumption of appliances. What if all connected devices came with the equivalent of a privacy & cybersecurity “nutritional label”? Intrigued? Keep reading.

The Fellowship

Consumer Reports is now accepting applications for paid IoT Design Fellowships through which innovators, researchers and/or designers have the opportunity to build a next-gen IoT product labeling system. The goal of the label is to help consumers make informed decisions about the security and privacy of their IoT devices – illustrating what kinds of data their IoT product collects, how long the product will receive security updates, and other important information. The work conducted during this Fellowship will inform a new IoT cybersecurity label scheme to empower consumers with clear and actionable insights while driving upstream improvements by manufacturers.

Starting this June, IoT Design Fellows will research, test and bring a user centric privacy & cybersecurity nutritional label to life over the course of twelve weeks. This three month fellowship provides a generous $15,000 stipend and offers the opportunity to work with CR’s technologists, advocates, and growing contributor community.

The Talent

The ideal candidates will have background and extensive interest in:

  • CyberSecurity / Privacy
  • IoT Devices
  • Product Development
  • Design Thinking

And the following technical skills:

  • User-Centered Design (HCI, UX Research)
  • Rapid prototyping / digital fabrication
  • Basic Software / Information Architecture knowledge

This candidate will also have working knowledge of the legal aspects affecting technology privacy and security policies. They will have excellent communication skills, analytical skills and systems thinking acumen. Sound like a good fit? Apply here or drop us a line at

The Application

The application is quick, easy and LIVE! The deadline to apply is Friday, April 21. Finalists will interview with CR leaders and appointments will be made no later than May 12. In the meantime, any questions, feel free to reach out to the CR Innovation Lab at

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